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Flexible Shaft Couplings

Designed to grip evenly around your shaft, these couplings provide more holding power than set screw couplings without marring the shaft. Tighten the clamping screws to secure.

Spiral couplings have long cuts in their body for flexibility to handle parallel, axial, and angular misalignment better than parallel couplings. However, they’re not as rigid. Often used for light duty encoder and stepper drive applications, they allow zero backlash (no play) and never need lubrication. They’re also known as helical beam couplings.

Stretched Cast Iron Coupling

(1)Coupling For Gearbox is simple in structure, convenient installation, easy replacement, small size, light weight.

(2)If the installation adjustment can keep two relative displacement within the prescribed limits, then coupling will have satisfactory performance and long service life. (3)It can be widely applied to all kinds of medium and small power transmission shafts, such as reducer, crane, compressor, conveyor, textile machine, hoist and ball mill, which are not loaded by motors.
(4)The allowable relative displacement of the elastic sleeve pin couplings:
Radial displacement: 0.2~0.6mm angular displacement: 0 ° 30 ‘~1° 30’

Flexible shaft jaw coupling


  • Lightweight aluminum version of the industry standard shaft coupling
  • Interchangeable with L and SS line of hubs
  • Corrosion resistant (finished bores passivated for additional protection)
  • Accommodates for angular and parallel shaft misalignment
  • Fail-safe – will still perform if elastomer “spider” fails
  • No metal to metal contact
  • Resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture, and grease

Plum couplings

They are suitable for frequent starting, forward and reverse rotation, medium and high speed, medium torque and high reliability in the workplace, the working environment temperature -35 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃.

There are mainly two types of plum couplings, one is a traditional straight claw type, and the other is a curved (indented) claw type zero-gap coupling. Traditional straight-jaw plum couplings are not suitable for high precision servo drive applications. The zero-clearance claw-type plum coupling has evolved from a straight-claw type, but the difference is that its design can be suitable for servo system applications, and it is often used to connect servo motors, stepper motors and ball screws.

Rigid Compression Couplings

  • For hard applications where strength and affordability are essential, the steel design of rigid compression couplings is suitable
    XINSHN cast steel couplings are a great choice for joining two shafts of the same size
    This kind of coupling is also called a “rigid clamp style” coupling.
  • When you want the strength of a rigid steel coupling at cast iron prices, choose EP rigid compression couplings. The steel design of our rigid compression couplings make them well suited for the toughest applications. Rigid compression couplings give you greater reliability than similarly priced cast iron couplings. These compression couplings are produced from cast steel and powder- coated to resist corrosion. Easy to install and remove, they provide a strong, durable connection between two shafts of the same size.

Jaw Type Couplings

The Jaw Type couplings from XINSHN can be found in the industry’s most significant selection of stock bore/keyway combinations. These couplings need no lubrication and offer highly reliable provider for light, moderate, and durable electrical motor and inner combustion power transmitting applications.

Applications include power transmitting to manufacturing equipment such as for example pumps, equipment boxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, and conveyors. XINSHN Jaw Type couplings can be found in 24 sizes from the very least torque rating of 3. 5 in-lbs (0. 4 Nm) to a maximum torque ranking of 170, 004 in- pounds (19209 Nm) and a bore selection of. 125 in . (4. 45mm) to 7 in . (178mm). EP regular bore program addresses AGMA, SAE, and DIN bore/keyway and spline bore combinations.

    Flexible Shaft Couplings

    Flexible couplings connect two shafts, end-to-end and in the same line, causing both to rotate at the same speed. They also flex to compensate for misalignment and movement between shafts. This compensation is crucial because perfect alignment of two shafts is extremely difficult and rarely achieved. There are two types of misalignment: angular and parallel. Most flexible couplings also accommodate axial movement, or end float, of the shafts.

    Depending on the type, most flexible couplings can accommodate from 1/4 of a degree to 4 degrees of misalignment. Low speed couplings are aligned to 0.001 in/in (3.5 seconds) and for high speed, they are aligned even tighter at 0.0005 in/in (1.75 minutes). Maximum parallel misalignment can range from a few hundredths of an inch to over an inch.


    other Functions of Flexible Shaft Couplings:

    • Dampen vibration and reduce shock loads
    • Protect against overload
    • Measure output torque of driven equipment
    • Insulate the driver from the driven
    • Position a rotor of a motor or generator
    • Tune a system out of a torsional critical condition

    Selecting the Right Shaft Couplings for Optimal Performance

    Shaft couplings should transmit torque while also protecting shafts and components from premature wear and failure, but using the wrong type of coupling can cause issues or loss in performance. Issues may also occur if couplings are installed incorrectly, or when used in applications outside the recommended torque rating and speed capacity. Let XINSHN help you select the right flexible shaft coupling for you.


    Industry-leading high-performance flexible coupling

    XINSHN is the industry’s leading manufacturer of flexible couplings. We produce multiple product lines of flexible couplings, each of which aims to optimize the accuracy and function of the mechanism and prolong the service life. XINSHN has more experience and expertise than other coupling manufacturers, which brings advantages to all our flexible coupling production lines.

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