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20000 Piece/Pieces per Day

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1 day to 4 weeks

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SGF GmbH & Co. KG – Your partner for special rubber components and industrial couplings for more than 60 years!

Flexible Couplings 100% Made in Germany. For any kind of machines. Industry, Agriculture, Ships,Power Generators, WindPower Plants,Diesel Generators, Gensetsand many more industrial applications. Can save engines and other parts from high peaks of torque. Damps vibrations and is constructed much smaller than pure rubber-metal couplings. Unique technology from Germany. More power and torque transmission at smaller space!

From 100nm up to 450.000 Nm Torque. We can serve you with our standard part up to 15.200 Nm and can create your own flexible coupling for higher power transmission.

The only flexible coupling with the high German quality standard.

  • Rubber Bonded bindings construction
  • Torque transfer is carried out almost exclusively by the bindings
  • Small dimensions and low weight can transfer moments of high torque
  • Pure rubber parts are not comparable
  • Isolation of noise and reduction of torque peaks plus the damping of wavelength frequencies from drive shafts
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Absorbs Axial and Radial movement plus providing a cardanic function
  • Excellent value as initially developed for the automotive industry
  • Proven and tested in use for 60 years
  • Symmetrical Construction Drive and Overrun capable of transferring the same torque. Can be used in either direction of rotation

Load and bending capabilities

  • Radial mismatch or Off-centre shaft

Possible with small differences, dependant on the size and stiffness of the individual coupling

  • Angle of Deflection

The constant angle of deflection is dependent on the bonded construction of the coupling 2 degrees or 3degrees (depends on the type of bushing).

  • Axial movement

The Axial movement max. ± 2mm achievable

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