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Hangzhou, China
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ductile iron
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Applicable Industries:
Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
Body Material:
Cast Iron

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Single item
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55X45X35 cm
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35.0 kg
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According to requirements
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Quantity(Sets) 1 – 300 >300 Est. Time(days) 10 To be negotiated

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wo: installation and configuration requirements:

(A), the connection of pipe fittings

1, clamp installation

(1) Install the sealing ring: put the sealing ring into one end of the pipe mouth, then align the other pipe mouth with the end pipe mouth, move the sealing ring to the sealing surface of the two pipe ports, and the two sides of the sealing ring should not protrude into the two pipes. Groove.

(2) Install the joint: first loosen the two screws of the joint, divide it into two pieces, put two pieces of shell on the sealing ring, insert the bolts, and tighten the nut in turn to ensure that the two ends of the shell enter the groove until it is tightened.

2, mechanical three-way, mechanical four-way installation

First remove the bolt from the outer casing, loosen the other nut until the end of the bolt, rotate the lower casing about 90 degrees away from the upper casing, and place the upper casing outlet portion at the opening of the nozzle to be aligned with the hole. Then, rotate the lower shell along the pipe end (for example, the mechanical cross, the lower shell method is the same as the upper shell) to close the upper and lower blocks.

3, flange mounting

Install the flange: first loosen the screws on both sides, separate the two flanges, insert the ring-shaped key parts of the two flange pieces into the groove of the slotted pipe end, and then insert the screws on both sides to tighten, adjust two The side gaps are similar.

Install the sealing ring: push the “C” shaped opening of the sealing ring away from the flange and push it into the inner diameter groove of the flange along the tube end.

(B), the setting of the bracket

1, fixed bracket and guide bracket

The freedom of the pipe can be controlled by the hanger and the bracket, and the spring hanger can make the pipe free.

Flexible joints allow for deflection in the pipe. This feature has great advantages in installation and engineering piping, but careful consideration should be given to the spacing of the brackets and hangers in the piping.

The design and installation of the end supports must be carefully considered for the cumulative elongation of the pipe when the internal pressure increases or the temperature rises.

Fixed fulcrums can be used to prevent pipe displacement caused by internal pressure and expansion. There are two types of fixed fulcrums: the main fixed fulcrum and the intermediate fixed fulcrum.

2, the impact of long pipeline

For long tube systems, intermediate fixed points are used to dissipate the forces due to tube thermal expansion and pipe internal pressure.

The weight of the piping and equipment in the piping system needs to be supported by the brackets. In addition, some brackets should allow the ducts to expand and contract.

3, the impact of thermal expansion and contraction

The displacement caused by the thermal change in the piping system can be partially compensated by the piping method, and the flexible joint can effectively compensate the displacement of the pipeline caused by the thermal expansion and contraction. If the predicted displacement exceeds the total joint compensation in the system, a metal expansion joint must be installed at the relevant location of the system.

(III) Actual installation of the hanger and hanger in the Changli Road system

Long riser systems are mainly in the following forms:

(1) Flexible system risers are generally fitted with fixed points at the bottom or top of each layer to prevent bending of the pipes, and the risers to which the branch pipes are connected should have intermediate fixed points; or by increasing the number of flexible joints to provide sufficient deflection angle, To prevent damage to components or branches in the system.

Our Services

1. Quickly Use the groove clamp joint and the corresponding pipe fittings to install the pipeline. There is no need for welding during construction, no need for secondary galvanizing and secondary installation. Increased installation speed.

2, simple Clamp joints are light in weight, few bolts, easy to install, no special technology.

3. Reliable Scientific and reasonable structural design, unique C-type rubber sealing ring and triple sealing to ensure the reliability of connection and sealing.

4. Safety With the grooved clamp joint and the corresponding pipe fittings, it only needs mechanical assembly, no welding, no open flame. Therefore, there is no welding slag contaminating the pipeline, which can ensure the safety of the construction site and the construction under the fire-proof environment. Especially suitable.

5, economy Because of the quick installation, no special technology, the installation repair rate is low, so the comprehensive installation work can save 30-50% compared with the flange.

6. Small occupied space The space occupied by the grooved clamp joint is about 70% of the flange, and because the number of fastening bolts is small and non-directional, it is especially suitable for construction under narrow space conditions.

7. Complete accessories The company provides grooved clamp joints and a full range of pipe fittings of various specifications. Any combination of design or construction can be carried out according to the needs, and complex pipe networks are not required.

8. Simple maintenance The safety and reliability of the product quality, as long as the installation is proper, the pipeline will pass the test pressure once, safe operation, no maintenance on the daily basis, spare parts need not be replaced for decades.

9. Wide range of applicable pipe clamps can be used to connect various seamless steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, welded steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes and other metal pipes.

10. Flexible connection of pipeline can be realized. The flexible groove type clamp joint is connected with a flexible system, which can absorb the length displacement of the pipe due to temperature change, allow the pipe to have a certain offset angle, and also have shock absorption effect.

Company Information

connection method:

Firstly, according to the national standard processing (car slot or rolling groove), the corresponding groove is taken out, and then the concrete installation is carried out. The specific steps are detailed in the attached drawings.

Metal piping systems are found everywhere in industrial and residential buildings.

The traditional construction method for the connection of metal pipes is welding, flange connection or threaded connection.

The use of grooved clamp joints and matching grooved pipe fittings to connect metal pipes is a completely new process and a revolution in metal pipe connections. Compared with traditional construction methods. The grooved clamp joint connection system has the following significant advantages: