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When you want to generate secure emulsions and lotions, soaked and dissolve sticky powEPTT(gums, thickeners, stabilizers), deagglomerate and disperse micro-phase solid ingredient (silicon dioXiHu (West EPT), bentonite, EPTTium dioXiHu (West EPT) into liquid without having fish-eyes, or other comparable tricky tasks, a conventional agitator is typically not able to obtain the expectation. Even so, the EPT PS collection EPT Shear Mixer is what you should choose to do the work.

EPT PS sequence EPT Shear Mixer is a higher shear mixer for batch procedure. For information about inline or continuous procedure, please discover our quotPC sequence Inline Mixer quot.

EPT PS sequence EPT Shear Mixers perform with a EPTT created stator/rotor functioning head. When it performs, this stator/rotor head is in a position to attract the solids and liquids about it into its cEPTTr, and then drive them radially via the stator openings back to the tank. For the duration of this time period, the solids and liquids are topic to an action of milling and shearing which is so intense that they are deagglomerated, homogenized and dispersed into every single other even although they are immiscible by conventional agitation.

Set up AND Established-UP:
In the Batch procedure, the mixer is immersed into the liquid. There are several set up strategies for the PS series EPT Shear Mixers. It can be lifted up by a lifting stand (EPT or electrical), or it can be mounted with flange on the best of a tank, or from its aspect, or at its bottom. For the EPT or pressurized tank, the mixer must be geared up with a mechanical shaft sealing.

– Top entry, open vessel
These mixers are utilised in an open vessel, that is, a vessel with normal force. They are top entry mixers, can be put in onto a lifting stand, or directly on to the vessel by a flange or traverse. A coupling in between the motor and shaft is optional for low sounds and steady working.

– Leading entry, shut vessel
These PS sequence leading entry EPT Shear Mixers are with a mechanical seal, which enables them to be operating in a pressurized or EPT vessel. One seal or double seals are available.

– Aspect entry
The aspect entry mixers are really helpful when the tank is deep but nEPT, or when the best place of the vessel is minimal for the leading entry kinds.

– Bottom entry
The bottom mixers are outstXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. when the liquid amount in the tank can get extremely minimal during operation, or there is quite limited area previously mentioned or about the tank for possibly top or aspect mounted ones. What is more, robust vorEPTT as effectively as aeration is significantly diminished with the EPT base mounted mixers.

PS collection EPT Shear Mixers are broadly utilized by a variety of EPTT in different stages of the processing. They are hugely successful to help save a great deal of vitality and time compared with classic miXiHu (West EPT) strategies.

– Meals amp EPTTrage
EPTnstituted milk, Salad dressing, Mayonnaise, Ice product, Cheese, EPT, Fruit juice

– Pharmaceutics amp Biology
Drug synthesis, Vaccine, Excess fat emulsion, Injectable suspension, Veterinary medicine, Cell extraction

– Cosmetics amp Daily Treatment
Detergent, Body gel, Shampoo, Cream, Lotion, Tooth paste, Soap


Product Watts, kW RPM, @50Hz Max. Potential, L Shaft Size, mm
@1 cPs @three,000 cPs
PS-X/090 1.5 3000 fifty 20 350
PS-X/one hundred 2.2 100 50 600
PS-X/120 4 three hundred 150 seven hundred
PS-X/a hundred and forty seven.five 800 500 800
PS-X/160 11 1500 750 820
PS-X/one hundred eighty 18.5 2000 a thousand 1100
PS-X/200 22 1500 4000 2000 1150
PS-X/220 thirty 5000 2500 1200
PS-X/240 37 6500 3200 1300
PS-X/270 55 10000 5000 1500
PS-X/290 seventy five 12000 6000 1550
PS-X/300 90 15000 7500 1600

1. PS-C, PS-D, PS-M share the identical requirements.
2. Genuine liquid capability will fluctuate dependent on the liquid type and various stator rotor system.
3. EPT offers greater potential according to customer requests.
4. EPT reserves the rigEPTT to modify the layout without having recognize.

Model Watts, kW RPM, @50Hz Max. Capability, L Shaft Size, mm
@1 cPs @3,000 cPs
PS-B/a hundred two.two 3000 one hundred fifty a hundred
PS-B/a hundred and twenty four 300 one hundred fifty one hundred fifty
PS-B/140 seven.5 one thousand five hundred one hundred fifty
PS-B/one hundred sixty eleven 1500 750 150
PS-B/a hundred and eighty eighteen.five 2000 one thousand 180
PS-B/200 22 4000 2000 a hundred and eighty
PS-B/220 30 5000 2500 one hundred ninety
PS-B/240 37 1500 6500 3200 two hundred
PS-B/270 55 ten thousand 5000 210
PS-B/290 seventy five 12000 6000 210

1. Genuine liquid capability will vary dependent on the liquid type and diverse stator rotor system.
two. EPT delivers bigger capability in accordance to consumer requests.
3. EPT reserves the rigEPTT to modify the layout without having notice.

  in Raurkela India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Blending Mixer Emulsifier High Shear Mixer manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler