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Place of Origin:
Hebei, China
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Standard or Nonstandard:
Flexible or Rigid:
Applicable Industries:
Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month

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Wooden Box Or Customized

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Introduction OfLZD/ZLD High Quality Flexible Pin Gear Coupling

The ZLD type elastic column pin tooth coupling is turned into several pin pins by using nylon rods, placed between the two opposite parts and the inner surface of the outer ring, and the torque is transmitted through the pin pin to realize the connection between two half couplings. It has certain shaft offset compensation ability and shock absorption performance. The nylon column pin is self – moistening material without lubrication, and the nylon column pin can be replaced after dismantling the plate. Therefore, the ZLD type elastic column pin tooth coupling is easy to maintain and has great torque transmission. When the same torque is applied, most of the rotary diameter is smaller than the gear coupling, and the volume is small and the weight is light. However, the ZLD type elastic column pin tooth coupling has poor vibration reduction ability and large noise. ZLD elastic column pin couplings are symmetrical and interchangeable, long life, allow large axial movement, and have the performance of cushioning, shock absorption and wear-resisting.

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