BF Type Bushing Chain for Water Therapy Drive Unit
This chain is applied to connect water treatment method gear to a power source. From the previous, JIS/ ANSI kind roller chains were made use of. For enhanced corrosion resistance, all of the elements are now created of 13Cr stainless steel. Since the chain is operated at a slow velocity, a bushing chain without rollers is used. The sprockets are interchangeable with JIS/ ANSI roller chain sprockets.
We manufacture seven types of BF Variety Bushing Chains in the vary from 120 to 240, like heavy-duty form.

Chains applied for collecting accumulated sediment in setting basins and sedimentation basins or removing the collected sediment in sewage treatment facilities and other water remedy amenities demand specifically high resistance to corrosion and wear given that they are really directly exposed to sewage and sludge. A grime removing chain is moved at a rather quick velocity on an just about vertically installed rail, although the operation frequency is lower, so WS Kind Roller Chain is utilised. Conversely, a chain for raking up and/or out dirt is driven at an incredibly slow velocity and will not call for rollers, so WAS Kind Bush Chain is used.
Eighteen sorts of WS Type and 6 types of WAS Sort Chain can be found.
(a) WS Sort Roller Chain
A WS Form Roller Chain is designed to deliver higher corrosion resistance and put on resistance for extended service in the extreme setting of water treatment applications.
Since the working time of this type of tools is relatively short, pins and bushings of hardened stainless steel as well as other parts are produced of distinctive alloy steel to ensure smooth bending from the chain, and exceptional wear and corrosion resistance.
(b) WAS Type Bush Chain
Heat handled stainless steel offers this chain with superb performance for corrosion resistance and put on resistance.