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,As a famous hose accessories manufacturer in China. Our products contain Camlock Coupling, Storz Coupling,Guillemin Coupling, Camlock Couplings, Pin Lug Coupling, Combination Nipple, Universal Coupling, Whipcheck Safety Cable ,Bauer Coupling,Hose Clamp and other hardware more+


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Precautions for installing American hose clamp

The American type hose clamp can connect two ends that need to be connected but cannot be directly contacted. It plays a...


Advantages and classification of stainless steel joints

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How to install Stainless steel compression fittings

1. Saw a suitable length of seamless steel pipe to remove the burrs at the port. The end of the pipe should be perpendic...


What to pay attention to when using transition joints

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We need to check and clean before starting to install the transition joint

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Control the installation tightness of the transition joint

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How to pipe the hydraulic transition joint pipeline?

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Installation points and precautions of stainless steel card sleeve joints

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What to pay attention to when buying hose fittings

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